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Today is Palindrome Day 7-11-17 Hannah Free Slurpee at 7 -11 store

Playing with words and Numbers

Did you know today is Palindrome day  a word phrase or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards   That is right  today is 7 -11-17  The store 7 Eleven  is giving away Slurpee all day in honor of this date

Many years ago a very intelligent young man a son of a Real Estate Associate of mine walked in my office and said "Hello Hannah" You are a palindrome  . I looked at him a little puzzled as I had never been called that before . I had been called many things but never a Palindrome . Yes  you can spell your name backwards and forwards .  What a smart kid . 

Like evil and live .raw and war - Smart and Trams -Slap and pals -Devil and lived  -then there is God and Dog

Playing with words and numbers that are palindrome can be fun and intersting

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Comment balloon 17 commentsHannah Williams • July 11 2017 10:11PM
Today is Palindrome Day 7-11-17 Hannah Free Slurpee at 7 -11 store
Did you know today is Palindrome day a word phrase or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards That is right today is 7 -11-17 The store 7 Eleven is giving away Slurpee all day in honor of this date Many years ago a very intelligent… more
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