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What Happened to Professional Courtesy and Respect

 Early Saturday morning  a new listing popped up in the MLS . Great I have three buyers looking in the development . Hit automatic appointment (we can do that in our MLS) Scheduled an appointment  It was a vacant property it should not be a problem .  I was not surprised this listing hit the market as I know members of the condo board that told me the unit was coming on the market. Now to wait for the confirmation .



I received an email that the agents received my request . In the meantime I wanted to show it the following day at 11Am as I was also showing another unit in the building . So I scheduled another time for the following day .  I received another email that the agent received my request .



Soon I received a phone call from my client . They are set up on auto email so they are aware a new listing has become available and want to know if they can see it . I am on it but the listing agent has not responded .I call the the agent the cell phone number is incorrect but the co-Lister has a voice message . I left a message on the I am very busy but will get back to you voice message .



Several hours later I received a call back "Hello is Heather there  "   I said no Hannah      oh I am sorry the property is under contract .... Really he said

"YES isn't that amazing "


If you sold the property why put it in as active why not put it is as pending  you did sell it yourself didn't you ?




Checked the MLS today guess who sold it


 Why waste my time and clients  put it in as PENDING  not ACTIVE


 on a side note this was not an agent who usually gets listings in this area

I must say they treat each other with respect and professional courtesy


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What Happened to Professional Courtesy and Respect
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