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"Home Again"Comedy in Movie Theaters Enjoy AMC Neshaminy Preview

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Lets go to the movies . This one is a funny feel good movie . To be honest I thought right another chick movie and maybe it is ; but it had me roaring . Yes this movie was so entertaining from start to finish . Smile on my face enjoyable . I did not expect to like it . 



Like  I did not  .  I loved it . I even saw it in a regular movie theater .Well there were only me and some people in the back so I could put my feet up ;but there were no reclining seats .


The spoiled movie brat who I am still  wants the comfort of the padded reclining seats . However  I still enjoyed this hilarious amusing comedy . Heartwarming and well acted . 


Hurry if you miss it  in Theaters you may soon catch it on DVD . It is good to laugh with all the tragedy in the world today


Check your local listings for times near you 

Please enjoy the video trailer preview


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"home again  "

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