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Helpful Tips When Selling House and Agents Show Your Home

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When your home is up for sale and agents are coming to show your house what do you as a seller .Hopefully you have allowed your agent to put a lock box on the house . Sometimes sellers say " I am always home" Then when someone is trying to schedule an  appointment the answer may be "we have a doctors appointment ".We are going to dinner can they come at another time" . The buyer and agent  who want to see the home also have a schedule .They may be an out of town buyer . They could be a buyer who is ready to make up their mind today to purchase a home . Mr /Ms  sellers have a lock box on your house it makes it easier for  agents to show your house and for you  .You do not want to miss the perfect buyer . Realtors are professionals and will lock up the house .


Another reason I suggest the lock box is one of my pet peeves is this . Sometimes I have to schedule my day to the listing agents convenience . The agent has to open the property for me . Then the agent tries to sell the property to my buyer/buyers . This also makes everyone uncomfortable .


Sellers should not be present when the house is being shown . Buyers have told me it makes them very uncomfortable when the seller is home  . Some sellers also follow the agents around and think they need to show the home . This is what Real Estate Agents do for a living .We do notice if the kitchen is updated . We notice if the heater is newer .We notice if the bathroom has a newer vanity . All of us can not fit in the bathroom together .Sellers it is best if you are not at home . If the buyers agent has questions we can call your agent. We can also refer to the seller disclosure .Of course you are trying to be helpful  but you are not .


The lights should be left on . If it is during the day shades maybe  left open if you do not want to leave on lights  . It is difficult to search around a dark room to find a light switch .


In the summer the house should be comfortably cool and the winter comfortably warm . 


We have already discussed uncluttering your closets . Now that you have done this  you may want to leave your closet doors open .  Be proud of how great they look . If they have lights leave it on .



The other day I showed a condo in a Mid-Rise Building . The seller let us in and then they left upon our arrival  . In this building  you can put a lock box on the door of the unit but not to get into the building itself .  This was fine at first the buyer looked at me and said "the sellers aren't going to be home are they " I explained they were just going to let us in and then leave . The buyers gave me a big smile of relief.


Here are just a few tips when your house is up for sale .

I hope they are Helpful

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