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Looking for Local Information Expertise is the Key to Success

local info to succeed  

Advice for new agents: When I first started selling real Estate I picked an area to farm. Way back in ancient times when I started there wasn't Internet.We had books ----- We called them MLS books


What ??? No Internet ! You may say ... 

Yes that is true and not many people had cell phones either .

What no Internet or cell phones ?  What?  You think I am kidding ?  Nope !


What I did was mail out to my area and cold call.

"Hello, are you interested or know anyone who is interested in buying or selling now or in the near future?   People would either hang up on you or start a conversation with you. 

I had a little metal box with 3x5 index card in front of me. The people that talked to me would be on the card with name, address and phone # and the date I called. I would call them again once a month. I would also have notes about what we talked about.


Some people knocked on doors. I never felt comfortable doing that. With this system I managed to obtain listings. I also had a small area I called my farm.  To this day, I still have a few clients from this area from over thirty-three years ago.


Times were different  in the 80's & 90's.
It was really fun being in Real Estate there were parties all the time.
- Big Fancy parties at Country Clubs  -

You went dressed to the Max and the food was Top Notch too . 

It was a time of Face to Face Social - Real People to People


You would not think of dressing casually to the office or on an appointment.  Men dressed in suits and ties and women wore dresses or suits.
Some companies wore gold jacket attire and they were known for that .
There was an air of professionalism.  


 Today  I write about local areas. I give local information about a specific neighborhood. People looking to buy or sell in this area actually find or follow me. They call me to help them list or buy a house or condo. 
I call it Blog time.


  • 1. Local Knowledge is now the key -
    Real Estate Professionals thrive if they demonstrate their local expertise  
  • 2. Joining Active Rain -
    there is a wealth of knowledge and information about other sites
  • 3.Blogging  -
    I am surprised they do not teach everyone in real estate school but ...
    I guess I have a jump on those who don't.
    Funny, even my 10 year old grandson knows it is the thing of the future.

local area information


The only time I questioned if I had made the right decision was when the market crashed around 2008. My bank account dwindled as I really was not prepared. The good thing that happened was I joined Active Rain. Went to Rain Camps and learned awesome stuff.

Guess what?  I survived and am stronger then ever. You need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue on and learn new techniques.

Keeping up with all the local information is the key to success:
I am the local expert in my community. I check the values in my local area.     I know my local market. 

Know your local market.  Know the local values in your community. 


Thanks to some wonderful people, I learned to Dance in the Rain and make my blogs Shine and Sparkle. Which made my phone go Ring.  Things change daily  - be informed.

It is a world of Social Media -  

The party is online! 

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Looking for Local Information Expertise is the Key to Success
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