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"Papillion'' Academy Award Winner Rami Malek Stars Preview Movie



"Papillion'' Academy Award Winner Rami Malek Stars Preview Movie that also stars Charlie Hunnam. This film is a remake of the 1973 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen.  Now, who could possibly compare to this duo? So I skipped over this movie several times. The Hollywood reviews as this picture came out in 2017 were not terrific and advice was not to see the original if you were going to see this film. In my humble opinion, this movie was a sleeper. It showed the great acting abilities of both Malek and Hunnam. I highly recommend this movie 



It is a very sad story a true story of a forger Louis Dega and a man known as Papillion who was framed for murder. Both French were sentenced in 1933 to a prison camp in South America  French Guiana in deplorable conditions. Papi knowing that Louie is a millionaire befriends and protects him. They form a close kinship. One who had the means to bribe and the other street smarts to know who and when.



Papi only wanting to escape from these inhumane conditions would try to convince Louie to join him. Ending in Papi being sentenced to Devils Island. This horrid tale continues and if this tragic tale for those that have never seen the original interests you please watch it. For those who have seen the original, I believe you will not be disappointed 



The acting in this motion picture I thought was surreal. I strongly disagree with many of the reviews. This movie brought tears to my eyes in fact I cried. Rami Malek showed his strong acting abilities in this film. I also thought Charlie Hunnam was surreal. I think we will see more serious Academy Award roles for these up and coming young actors.



You can watch "Papillion" if you have Amazon Prime for Free

You may get lucky and find it on YouTube if you do not have Prime 

"Papillion" is a true story 




looking for a good movie watch "Papillion"

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