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How to Avoid Germs & Dirty Places Happy & Healthy New Year in 2018

 cleo glasses Happy New Year

I was reading an article today about some of the most highly  germ dirty places  that you can touch that spread germs and thought I would share a few of the places

 Did You Know That ?

One of the highest germ collectors for woman was her Handbag


Ladies, our handbag are just about joined to our hips — and that's the problem. We take it everywhere, even to the bathroom, and that's probably why it has so many germs. A British study, in which researchers took bacteria samples from office workers' handbags, found that the average purse is three times dirtier than an office toilet seat and that 1 in 5 handbag handles contain enough germs to pose a significant risk of cross-contamination from the handle to your hand.

Handbags carry so many germs because we touch them all the time and put them on the floors and tables , and they're also packed with other germ-infested items such as hand creams and cosmetics. In fact, the dirtiest handbag items in the study turned out to be face or hand cream, with more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat, closely followed by lipstick and mascara.

Tip: Avoid placing your purse on the floor. Non-leather bags can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe. For leather bags, wipe with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.


Another dangerous dirty germ place the car

How about when we pump GAS ?

The Gas Handle Dirty Germs

Now it is suggested that we put on vinyl gloves . No way I am doing that although I really should . I usually do have on gloves in the winter but I guess I still have all the germs all over me as I still wear the gloves after pumping the gas . Perhaps we will start a trend using disposable gloves , Oh boy I can imagine the stares I will get doing that .

Using the disposable vinyl gloves can cut down on the risk of catching colds and flu


The Car itself

How dirty is it inside even if you think it is clean ?

Especially  the dashboard is a big germ repository because it doesn't get enough direct airflow from vents to help disperse bacteria, according to microbiologist Gerba. The door handles inside and out .

Wipe it down the dash with cloth as often as you can

Also the seatbelts and buttons for windows . Eating in your car is also not advised

TipSanitize your hands after riding in the car and avoid eating in vehicles, whether they are private or public. Eating can pass on germs from surfaces to our mouths.


Last those plastic container you store food in

Swap them out for Glass


Have a Healthy & Happy New Year


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