Philadelphia Real Estate Helpful News and Views : September 2017

The Good The Bad Ugly Buying and Selling Houses and Me


Debbie Reynolds  asked us to accept a challenge this month . I love her challenges they make us search deep inside  ourselves . Okay this one makes me look with-in and I waited until the last minute . so that might be my bad habit .

Bad - sometimes I procrastinate . I wait until the very last minute to do something I have to do . I may wait to :

  • take pictures .
  • get gas in my car  
  • get my sweet kitty her cat food  
  • do the wash 
  • I even file an extension for my taxes

I don't know why it is never as horrid as I anticipate . Once I do it I feel much better that it is out of the way .It is just a really bad habit


Ugly -  Is my desk at work  .There is just nothing I can do about it either . My poor Cathy we share an office as we both come in at different times .Cathy is as sweet as can be . She cleans up and redecorates our office Oh did I mention I also talk to myself . Our office is across from the reception area .  My desk is in the far corner and out of sight .I can however hear everything that goes on when my door is open . Although I claim to be deaf .  I have selective hearing therefore I always know what is going on. To get back to the ugly . It is my desk that is a fact. I do know where everything is although everything is in a disarray on my desk . As much as for over thirty some years neat desks people have tried to help me make  I work better with a desk in disarray


Good - People I love them . I say hello smile .Those of you that have met me know I usually have a big smile on my face .  I feel so sorry for people that do not know how to smile back .  There are many miserable folks walking around  Not me . I am glad to be alive and healthy .  I woke up this morning aren't I lucky I know I can do anything I set my mind to

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Comment balloon 33 commentsHannah Williams • September 29 2017 05:02PM
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