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Let's Get Personal Special People in My Life



 Let's Get Personal  for the October challenge Brian England  asked us to tell something of ourselves . Here are my personal friendships that are very important to me . . They are friendships that I have kept since I was four years old  . We played army, built forts won and lost battles and wars with them . No one could bully me they would protect me ..


The three of us went to kindergarten together .Here we met other children from other neighborhoods  . We played ball .There was box ball ,hand ball, half ball , wire ball , baseball every kind of ball you could think of and we played in the driveways until it was dinner time . Then came the Hoola Hoop craze . This appeared suddenly and our enthusiasm was wild we had contests on who could hoola hoop the longest ..


As we grew older new faces appeared we would sit on the steps at the bottom of "D" St,  of course this would be after our homework was done .  Some days we would sing " A capella" all the new hit songs . We were a happy group .Then there were the parties at my house .My Dad had my basement all fixed up with a lighted bar . I had  the latest forty-five records for dancing . The boys remember playing spin the bottle and post office


Then there were the days when the "Three Stooges " would come . Our friends Joan and Phyliss uncle was "Larry Fine"  from the "Three Stooges" They would pick them up at our small school Olney Elementary .Everyone would be so excited  I would watch TV with them at their house as Joan and I were good friends .


Last weekend Robert came in town and invited us all to dinner . His time was limited and it was perhaps four years since I had last seen him .Time was short but it was so good to see old friends again we had so much to talk about helpfulhannahs .com

Where had the time gone ?   We are grandparents now



These are my friends that mean so much to me Rick ,Robert  and David  We grew up together Ricks wife Toby is also my dear friend .We are all like family   Rob is a retired cardiologist He now teaches at Stanford University .He is still involved with his medical group .  Rick sells Mercedes at West German , David sells on Amazon . .Me well I sell Real Estate and I love it


 Let's Get Personal these are the Special People in My Life

These people hold a place in my heart that no one else can ever fill.








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Let's Get Personal Special People in My Life
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