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Communication how serious are you about how you do it

Do you think before you speak ?

Sarcasm is never appreciated

Careful of the tone of your voice ?

 Your body language is also very important

Are you being yourself ?

Are you rolling your eyes ?

Making faces ?

Listening to people is an art

Listening is communicating

Listening is winning

Did you know that most people say that communication is their biggest challenge.  It really does not matter the setting.  It could be sales, leadership of a team or simply sending an email.  When you speak or write you are setting the tone. 

There are three things that you must evaluate to improve your communications skills. They are:

1.        What you say

2.        How you say it both verbally and non-verbally

3.        Your position and who you are

What you say accounts for less than 10% of the communication process. You should be aware that the words you use can mean different things to different people. For example, “As soon as possible” could mean right now, or as soon as you have time. The words will be interpreted based on the frame of reference of the person listening.

How you say it. Your tone of voice matters. Were you in a hurry or were you angry? How often do you think about how you say it before you speak? It is probably rarely. Consider what happens when you react instinctively. You may realize half way through that you were wrong, but you don’t want to admit it. If you speak too quickly or respond in an angry or bitter way you need to stop, apologize and start over. Listen to what is being said. Are you hearing the other person? It would be helpful to get into the habit of repeating what you just heard to assure that you understood what was said.

“What you say shouts so loud that I can’t hear you tell me what you are saying” is a quote that points out the effect of non-verbal communication. What we say non-verbally through our body language has a greater impact than the words we use. You don’t need to be a genius to read body language. Think of what the body position of others means to you and you will understand what effect you have on others. Things such as crossed arms, crossed legs, or tilted head have huge meaning. Some people make us feel comfortable, some make us feel important, and some make us feel uneasy.

Who you are, and your position has an overriding effect on your communication. If you are seen as having authority your words will be taken seriously. Be careful of halfhearted jokes or sarcasm. Some people feel good about who they are while others need to show off. People realize when a person is not being who they really are. This feeling leads to lack of trust. Without trust your message has no credibility.


Your communication skills will make a difference between success and failure.  We you communicate you are looking for a corresponding response.  Are you able to get the response you desire?  For a similar blog post on our web site see THE QUALITY OF YOUR COMMUNICATION MATTERS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION.

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