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Drop Box, One Drive or Box! Which is Better???


Just in case you missed this Featured Post

I never knew One Drive existed

I used up all my space on Drop Box

It was time to buy more space

Then I read about One Drive

I have read so many good reviews

I have decided to give One Drive a try myself

Here is why

I originally asked this question in the Q & A section, and received some excellent comments and suggestions. I was looking for a comparison between these three cloud storage places. Many Rainers were using Drop Box, since it has been around longer. However, I discovered that other Rainers are using One Drive, Google Drive, Box, and even Evernote.

QuestionsMy personal reasons were to determine a preferred method for storing files, and to address the security concerns on cloud storage. I started using Drop Box three years ago, and have found it very easy to use. However, eventually, I ran out of space and had to upgrade for more storage space. Plus, there was a security concern with Drop Box, which was addressed by Becca Rasmussen, and her husband, who is the IT expert.

Becca stated that One Drive gives users 1TB Free Space with a subscription to Office 365. Plus, it was a seamless intergration with Windows 10, and it also had smartphone and web access, which made it easy to share files with others. Of course, this service only applies to PC users. Now, as far as security concerns, her husband suggests One Drive or Drop Box for Business, since they were more secure, meeting or exceeding security requirements for HIPAA(Health, Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data, and even others like FISMA(Federal Information Security Management Act), BAA(Business Associate Agreement), and the EU model clause.  Box was also mentioned as HIPAA compliant, and it came with the Windows 10 upgrade.

NotebookNow, as far as storing client contracts, disclosures, and other personal client confidential information, Becca prefers to use CTMeContracts and SkySlope, which gave her more protection. Google Drive and SkySlope were suggested by other Rainers too for storage of files. Then, Shawn and Angela Miller expressed a concern about cloud storage, and recommended DotLoop as a place to store all the forms and files, since their company pays and provides it. By using DotLoop, everything can be filled out online, and clients can  be easily emailed and electronically sign off on all the forms. Plus, these forms can be readily shared with others as needed.

Annette Lawrence made an excellent point. She stated that it was important to understand the purpose for which the user had in mind for these different applications. Microsoft products go well with One Drive, and Google Docs works with Google Drive. Therefore, having weighed all the comments and recommendations to my Q & A, I have decided that I will continue to use Drop Box for my personal files that aren't confidential, and for uploading all my photos that I wish to share. I will upgrade to Drop Box for Business, until I have had the chance to move all my client folders over to One Drive, which gave me that FREE 1TB storage space.

I did like the idea of having your own external hard drive to back up all your files for One Drive and everything on your computer. Therefore, determine your why, and purpose for using Drop Box, One Drive, or Box.

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Drop Box, One Drive or Box! Which is Better???
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