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Woke Up No Coffee Replaced My Keurig with K-Compact


 Today I woke up to no coffee . I have a Keurig Coffee Maker and an assortment of coffee pods to choose from . I put one in and cold water came pouring out . Lots of cold water .Enough to empty the whole canister   Luckily I had a plastic container within reach so all this water pouring out had a place to go .


Yesterday when I came home the electricity had gone off and come back on about an hour or so after I was home .Perhaps it shorted something in the machine . Plug and unplug it was just not working  . It was about three years old .They do not make things to last these days



Well off to Walmart . They had a newer model similar to mine for $99 then I found a compact model for $59 for smaller spaces that could do the same thing   It was worth a try and the lady said I could return it if I did not like it .


It was super easy to set up The turquoise color and compact design are nice . We will see about the taste of the coffee as I forgot to buy the water filter . There is an order of coffee pods  on the way fron Keurig if I had known would have orded a filter set . Walmart may have one or maybe Amazon Prime . So glad to have a fresh cup of coffee


Walmart in Philadelphia Mills had a great selection and prices







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