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Frozen Delaware River Delaire Landing Walkabout Surprise

delaire frozen

Yesterday the weather was beautiful . The Delaire Landing Condo Community has beautiful grounds . It was 48 degrees and sunny most of the day . I finally was able to take a walk . The Delaware River was frozen and you could hear the ice breaking it was a thunderous sound . The ice breaking up and floating down the river . I never remember seeing or hearing these sounds before . Sounded like a boom .


Bravely  walking on the green grass to take these pictures .Some areas that were frozen now mud. Yuck got some mud on my sneakers  .You really had to be careful .  Finally I was back on the pavement . Suddenly two squirrels passed me . To my surprised one of these squirrel's turned around . He actually backtracked looked at me . I saw this little fellow stop and come back . He slowly walked toward me.  The squirrel stopped I stopped too . This brave little squirrel walked right up to me and looked up at me . I really wished I had something to give him some food .

squirrel looking

Now I know "do not feed the animals" but it has been so bitter cold out . Can you imagine how hungry this squirrel was . I know they do damage . People have told me they eat their car wires . Some jump in their cars and bite them .  Carrie on "Sex in the City " calls squirrels rats with fancy tails  I can not help but feel for these animals .This little fellow  came right up to my foot  

Actually waited for me to take a picture


What harm would it do to buy a bag of peanuts and throw some down around the trees along the river   . Plain roasted peanuts of course  no salt  

posted January 12 , 2018


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Frozen Delaware River Delaire Landing Walkabout Surprise
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