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Thankful For the Beauty of Autumn Fall Colors and Nature

delaire birds

While taking my walk and exercise I had to quietly walk over to get a picture of the geese . I think they are beautiful . There are many people that find them a nuisance . They want them gone . Nature put these birds on earth to live . We need to share our space with other creatures I can think of worse . They were very skittish and wanted to fly away .This picture is zoomed in . I walked all over where they were and my shoes are clean .

delaire fly birds


How blessed I feel to be walking in such an amazing Autumn wonderland of color. Quietly sharing it with the geese who are honking that perhaps they should leave . Next I heard the flapping of wings . They were flying away . Time to start walking again I had pictures . Such simple beauty I must hurry get that walking distance in for the day. Things to do .

I am Thankful for walking in Beauty of Autumn with Fall colors and Nature

entry for Debbie Reynolds AR contest


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Thankful For the Beauty of Autumn Fall Colors and Nature
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