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"My Cousin Rachael" Movie Classic See The Haunting Love Story Preview

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My Cousin Rachael  missed the chance to see it in the theater . I did however have the opportunity to see it as a rental . What a thriller when it was made originally . It introduced Richard Burton in 1952 in the starring male role  and he was nominated for an Oscar .  Olivia de Havilland also gave an outstanding performance


This eerie haunting romantic love story of my Cousin Rachael that was played so well by Rachael Weitz . Still makes one wonder is it love lust passion or greed . How does one become so obsessed with another person . What is the answer to this mysterious haunting love obsession .


Did she murder Ambrose' . He left the estate because of an illness  He met Rachael abroad fell in love and they married . Philip was raised by his cousin.  Suddenly he received mysterious letters from Ambrose  ?  Rachael his cousin said was trying to kill him . Come at once his cousin Ambrose  said I am being poisoned . Philip races to Ambrose  who has died of a brain tumor. He inherited all his cousin  owned . 


When Rachael comes to visit Philip he  falls madly in love .


The 1952 version was so wonderful  and the acting so splendid .

It would be difficult to top it

Watch this Daphne du Maurier remake 

Let me know what you think 

Did she or didn't she murder 

this question is haunting




Looking for a movie to watch

My Cousin Rachael

was not a box office hit

I enjoyed it

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