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Thankful for $5 Tuesday Movies


I am thankful for AMC $5 Tuesday movies .  I enjoy going to the movies but don't always make the time . Knowing that on Tuesday I can see any movie I want for $5.00 motivates me to make the time .


One of my friends said you have to be a senior to go on Tuesday to see a $5 movie . I assured her she was wrong . It is $5.00 for everyone to see first run movies . All you need is an AMC movie card which is free . 


There may be a day where I need to relax by myself . There be a Tuesday afternoon where my friends and I have lunch and get to see a movie that would have cost us twice as much any-other day of the week .


My favorite movie theater has the  reclining seats . I will say if you want to see a movie in 3D it is more money it is $8 but that is still a bargain price . You have awesome sound and get to see the movies when they first come out .


You can't even rent a movie on cable for $5 

So if you get a chance take advantage of AMC 'S  $5 Tuesday make it a fun day and enjoy a movie for half the usual price . I am thankful when I take the time out to enjoy a good movie


Looking to see a good movie try Tuesday at AMC

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Comment balloon 13 commentsHannah Williams • November 19 2018 08:31PM
Thankful for $5 Tuesday Movies
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