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Delaire Landing Crisp Autumn Flip of a Switch


Was going to make this a Wordless Wednesday but I had too much to say . waking up in the middle of the night for my usual bathroom visit the only exception was there wasn't any lights .I has to feel around to get back to the bedroom and find my phone making a call to the electric company PECO that said they were aware of the outage at 3 AM  .Luckily I had just purchased a new fluffy comforter and snuggled back to sleep . I figured by morning all would be well  I was wrong . When I woke up the light switches were still not working


When I called Peco they said 4:30 PM the power would be restored . I had planed to work from home but without power or heat that would not work . Brushing my teeth by the light of an IPhone is very interesting but not fun . No make-up today but I will say the coffee at the office tasted exceptionally delicious .


I was waiting for a client to call me when they returned from their doctors appointment . Had papers that needed to be signed at Bakers Bay  and another client in Delaire Landing . Called the The Peco information line at 1:30 and thankfully they said the power had been restored . Shortly after I received calls from my clients .  Bakers Bay had their water shut off yesterday .


When entering Delaire Landing I did notice  PECO trucks and several orange cones . Looks like they solved the problem for now . Hopefully it is not short term

Funny how we take things for granted like a flip of the switch . When our body and mind says the temperature has reached the degree that is time to put the heat on . When we flip on the switch expecting that the lights will come on and there is darkness . We are confused when it does not  . What do we do ? 


There is no power no computer . No coffee . No heat  . No Wi-Fi Your plans have changed for the day .


We adapt and make the best of the situation .

How was your day ?


hannah williams

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Comment balloon 20 commentsHannah Williams • October 24 2018 09:22PM
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