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Fall is in the Air Perfect Time to Look at Houses



It is really a beauFall my favorite time of year tiful Fall day. We could turn the air conditioner off . Cleo my cat loves to  look out the glass sliding doors and check out everyone who walks by  on a day like this with the screen open and smell the fresh air .


Like my friend George Souto says the trees now should be turning beautiful colors . Yes , red ,yellow orange , and oh how breath taking. The leaves have been falling but the colors are not vibrant yet . I am looking forward to taking some great pictures on my brisk morning walks .



Sleeping last night was wonderful . It was the first night when you could really feel Fall in the air . You know summer is gone and it is time to change the blankets . You can feel the crispness in the air . The weathermen  said there was a bit of frost in the night .The kind of morning you do not want to get out of bed as you left the window open and it is chilly when your feet touch the ground . . Even the cat is cuddled up .   In the daytime the sun was shining and it warmed everything once again .


Fall is finally here my favorite time of year .

The perfect time to look at houses


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Fall is in the Air Perfect Time to Look at Houses
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