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Who Shows the House the Buyers Agent or Sellers Agent

I wantto buy this house


Yesterday I not only received emails but phone calls from buyers wanting to see my new listing they saw on the Internet . Not unusual right?  That is until the question came up "Are you working with another agent " The answer was yes. I have a agent

  • Either the agent was too busy
  • They were out of town .
  • They could not show them until the end of the week  
  • The best was they were old
  • it was too hot for their agent


I explained I was the listing agent and represented the seller . If I showed them the property I would then be a dual agent .If they had a problem with that I could have another agent in my office represent them . If they wanted to still be represented by their agent then their agent had to take the time to show them the property .



I was very sorry but my time was valuable and it was part of their agents job to show the property to them .Some of the buyers were very nice about it and said they didn't understand how Real Estate worked and thanked me for explaining it to them and would call their agent again .



There was one buyer who argued with me insisting that they wanted to see it and make an offer with their agent . I should show the property to him for my seller and do my job .. I very nicely told him if his agent wanted to get paid he needed to do his job in representing him and show him the property . I politely ended the conversation



 Later that night around nine o'clock  I received a call from an agent asking if he could show the property .His client was available to see the property in the next fifteen minutes . He said the office was closed so he tried my cell phone . I told him to call the office in the morning it  was too late to show the property tonight .The seller gets up at 6 AM for work .He gave me an argument about his client is available now and may not be available tomorrow . I assured him there was no way he could see the property tonight



The agent is scheduled to see the property today .

The times for showing the property are clearly stated in the showing instructions

When you have a buyer don't you explain to clients how

Buyer Representation works

Do you sit clients down an explain the process of

buying a house ?

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Comment balloon 82 commentsHannah Williams • July 10 2018 04:24PM
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