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Real Estate Referrals Establish and Build Relationships

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Let's talk about referrals s . First of all my clients are very important to me and finding an agent for them is something I take very seriously .  They must also be willing to treat my clients like I would treat them . A few years back I had a client that lived in a section of Pa that was very small and secluded . Yes I am licensed to sell in Pa and many agents will take a listing anywhere and just put in the multiple listing . I will not do this .

My client was also an ex Realtor and a dear childhood friend . I checked on Re/Max site as well as on Active Rain . There were not any agents listed . I called Mary Yonkers   - and was also speaking with Jeff Dowler  at the time . He did find someone he knew from CRS  but it turned out to be an agent she was listed with and was extremely disappointed with .  After a long of search to no avail she ended finding an agent herself and she did sell her house . I will not refer just anyone .




Last year I had another client in New Jersey another section when looking n Active Rain (where I usually  look first)  I did not find an agent . So now I looked in the Re/Max referral system . Finding several names I now Google them . I was greatly surprised to see that out of five agents only one had a website . None of them had a blog .

  • So now I was going to call her and see if she answered her phone .
  •   How long it would take her to return my call
  • if it went into voice mail .

 It turned out my message went to voice mail but she did return my call with-in an hour .. We had a very positive conversation . She seemed to know her stuff and I felt very good about her . The referral was sent and listed . I do also expect some feedback especially when I am waiting to sell my client something on the other end .  Feedback not  every day or even every week but if I didn't call her I never heard from her . It took her eleven months to sell the townhouse  . When she did sell the listing I never received a thank you card .


In fact if I had not gone to the bookkeeper and ask for our tax id # and discuss this transaction with her it would have been one of the emails that go out that read " we received a commission check from xxx Real Estate does anyone know who it may belong to ? In my opinion that was very unprofessional and she will not be receiving another referral from me . That was not building a relationship . My clients life had change since I had referred her.  Congratulations were in order she was to be married . Her fiance owned his own home not far from me and they were moving in his house . I did keep in contact with the client .



The first Active Rain  referral I sent out was to an agent in New Jersey . He took wonderful care of my clients  . He called me often with follow up . When their house sold they purchased a condo from me . I still call him when I have a client to refer in his area but sadly he is no longer on Active Rain . 



I could go on as I send out many referral from past clients that move out of state but I think it would be a post of 3000 words or more .



 I recently  received a referral from a Re/Max agent in Texas . She read my bio and liked my smile She thought I would be a perfect match for her brother and his wife  in my area .It is an Estate sale .We hit it off we are a great match . In fact I adore them



There are many agents in Active Rain that call me when they have someone in the Philadelphia area . I believe Real Estate is local . If it is not in my area of expertise I am more then happy to direct you to the right agent to best  serve your clients interests .


Referrals are  about building relationships  .  Doing the best job you can do for the clients and the agents that referred them to you . To treat them as if they were family in a professional manor of course . Referrals are a very important part of our  business and should be treated in a very professional manor as to  build  relationships that last on and on .


 Please watch my short 1 minute video 


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Real Estate Referrals Establish and Build Relationships
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