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Thankful for My Re/Max Eastern Family


 In my thirty four years of being a licensed Real Estate agent I must say I am very thankful for to be at Re/Max Eastern. I am trusted to make my own decisions . Once in a great while I do need to run something by the the broker Sal  . I work with a great group of agents who will really go out of their way for you if asked . 

Re/Max Eastern Group picture

We have a great wealth of knowledge in our office . Even the agents who have assistant's do not have ordinary ones .These assistants are very knowledgeable  but will never cross the line and do anything licensed agents should do . We have a wonderful support staff . These gals will bend over backwards for you . Just do not push them over the edge . Ask nicely and know when and how . Sometimes timing is everything . There are times when all of us are under stressful conditions.


We all have our own business to do but when we get together we sure have fun . Last week  Sal and the office put together a Bowling party  . They rented the Bowling Alley for us and Grant ave office . They are wearing the blue shirts . Not that many people showed up from the other office but most of our office did .. We had food ,fun and camaraderie .


I am so thankful for my Re/Max Eastern Family . 


Next month is our Christmas Party . We usually have a great time there too .  This year it will be at Maggies on the Waterfront .  We work hard at Re/Max Eastern .The company was the original Re/Max in Philadelphia  Pa .

Here is a short video of the bowling party

Please take the time to watch


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Thankful for My Re/Max Eastern Family
In my thirty four years of being a licensed Real Estate agent I must say I am very thankful for to be at Re/Max Eastern. I am trusted to make my own decisions Once in a great while I do need to run something by the the broker Sal I work with… more
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