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So How Was Your Day Today ?


What a day! I started out checking the status of a package I sent back via UPS. Then  I went on my Actice Rain Blog where ther was a video playing of the new movie "Yesterday" coming to movie theaters on June 28th in the corner. Although I enjoyed the video. I knew I did not put them there and there was a problem. 


Not having the time to fix it at home I packed up my computer and off to the office I went. Xfinity does give me Norton Anti Virus for free. Many people have told me not to depend on any free service but I will tell you they put me through to Norton.. I allowed the tech to take control of my computer. Within minutes he found the problems and had me watch as he deleted the main problem and walked me through potential problems


One of the main ones which as a blogger I have been enjoying and our Sheri Sperry - MCNE®  wrote a post on was Grammarly . I asked if I could keep it as I was a horrid speller and it really helped me. He very kindly said ask Siri. We should remove it. So I had to say good-bye to this program .There was also an extension from UPS. Then he asked me if I used go to meeting I emphatically said 'Yes" he told me I could keep that. He was wonderful and fixed my computer in very short time thank goodness. He was fantastic. 


Well that did take half the day but the worse information is the City of Philadelphia's computers have crashed. Yes ,where we get our titles for our Real Estate Closings. So now out settlements for June are on hold until they get this problem straightened out. I will keep everyone up to date 


So How Was Your Day Today?

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So How Was Your Day Today
What a day! I started out checking the status of a package I sent back via UPS. Then I went on my Actice Rain Blog where ther was a video playing of the new movie "Yesterday" coming to movie theaters on June 28th in the corner. Although… more
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