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What are My Goals Visions and Dreams for 2018

 be a smart cat

   What are my dreams visions and plans for 2018 my friend Debbie Reynolds challenged  me to write about it .  My business plan is pretty simple 


Business Goals  are to write local  post and be consistent on

gated waterfront condo communities will continue

This Year I am also adding areas of Feasterville /Trevose reports where my office is located

To do this I will

  • 1. will continue to write  market reports
  • 2.write about local events
  • 3. do more videos and post on various social media sites after I write my post

Personal Goals

 In the summer I swim for hours with ease . In the fall I started brisk walking . I walked at least a mile four to five times a week . Now that the weather is bitter cold well i need to find an exercise I know I will stick to . I know myself going to gym is not going to work for me . I have not yet decided what it is . Perhaps I will dance not sure yet .Better yet perhaps the temperature will go up above 32 soon and I can start walking again . 

 I know I have been eating too much sugar . I have promised myself starting January I was going to reduce my sugary food intake . So that is number one on my personal goals . No more cake or candy goes into my mouth .

 added fresh fruits vegetables to my diet


How am I going to monitor myself  ?.   I do have self discipline but I have a small book that I am writing down things to do . In this book I have put I names of people that I know I should call including Active Rain members . Also what I need to do to make sure I fulfill my goals . Everyday I look and read this little book

If you write down your goals you have a better chance of fulfilling them .


What do I want to achieve by fulfilling these goals .

Beside being successful in business  as this is the main achievement 

what  Rewards will I give myself

I what  a new computer and I will cut a picture  out and put it on the front of my refrigerator also a new 4K 65" smart TV for my Living Room   these are the material things I want 

Family and friendship great client relationships  are on my phone and Social Media sites  where I can see them daily . If I miss someone I do check on them . They receive a call or a text if they are missed


I am lucky to have a wonderful family we are small but loving .


I will write my posts on Active Rain  

Why you may ask ?   

Simple it makes my phone Ring and Sing


Hannah Williams

                                                                               hannah williams

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My entry for debbie reynold contest in Active Rain


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What are My Goals Visions and Dreams for 2018
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