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Thankful For Finding Off Fifth Saks Gift Card for $15

 off fifth purchase gift card

I was searching in my coin jar where I keep my receipts for purchases too . There were so many receipts I decided to go through a few and throw them out when suddenly I felt something  not right . I pulled it out and it was a gift card . When I had purchased a pair of studded sneakers at the the end of August by Michael Kor's I received a gift card . This gift card for $15 could only be redeemed between November 1- 19  , 2017 .


I had forgotten all about this gift card . If I had not been searching for change It would have expired Now I though well what can I find at Off 5th at Philadelphia Mills . This store is one of my favorite stores for shoes and boots  I really do not need another pair of shoes or boots this year .  They have wonderful handbags designer brands . I do not need that either .  I decided I could get a box of candy or something designer for someone .


I walked in and there was a beautiful dress casual tunic design . I tried it on not for me . Of course there were great fantastic boots on sale 40% off and I found a pair I loved that would have cost me $50 dollars and they were smashing . I just did not feel right about it as my closet is full of boots .I found these fingerless faux fur mittens  that match the hood on my winter coat .I looked at the price and they were $24.99  Sold  ..


I took them to the register .When I gave the girl my gift card there was a problem it would not take it . They were on sale for 40% off and came to $14.99 I could not believe my good fortune  There was a problem it had to be more then $15 . The lady suggested I purchase some chocolate . There was Godiva dark chocolate bars for $4.99 


I am very thankful that I found this gift card before it expired . I am also grateful that the sales people are so helpful at Off 5th in Philadelphia Mall  .  When I wear these mittens when I am driving in the cold weather I will  really be thankful that I found this gift card


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