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IndeBlue Brian Buffini &Praful Thakkar in Center City Philadelphia Pa

praful thakkar

IndeBlue Brian Buffini &Praful Thakkar

in Center City Philadelphia Pa

What a wonderful evening it was going to be . Brian Buffini was at the Convention Center in Center City . Praful Thakkar my Active Rain friend from Massachusetts was here in Philly to see the event . We had plans to meet for dinner . He had chosen IndeBlue . I was excited not only to meet my dear friend in person ;but also to eat at this restaurant that had received such rave reviews .


Praful Thakkar would be finished his session around 5:15 he called me at 5:45 we agreed to meet at 6:30  I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I 95 . They had also closed streets in center city on 11th and Arch it was a mess . He called me and said he was waiting on the corner because IndeBlue  was too loud . I explained I was stuck in traffic and would be there ASAP . Finally I found the same parking lot I parked in when I met Joanna Cohlan . I started walking picked up my phone to call him when I saw him  He looked exactly like his picture . I waved and he smiled with that warm smile . I knew he was so glad to see me and I him . As we say in Active Rain we were best friends instantly .


We took a short walk to IndeBlue . It was bustling with happy noisy people .They put us at a tiny table where we could not hear anything . There was a table near the kitchen set for four . We asked to be moved . I explained we had things to discuss and we that could not hear . The one waiter said he did not think it would be possible. Not very polite either Then the hostess very rudely said sorry no and walked away . They were not very accommodating . We did not care how good the food was . We looked at each other and said let's go  We got up and walked out . 


There were two other Indian Restaurants within walking distances . We went to Minar Palace a very friendly comfortable place with wonderful service without all the snobbish  pretentious behavior  If that is what you like then by all means try IndeBlue I personally will never set foot in there again   It was an embarrassment to me to bring a guest from out of town and have him treated so cold and rudely   Minar Palace however was fun . We sat ate talked discussed and learned about each other   Time passed so quickly and the food was delicious .hannah & Praful


I am so thankful that Brian Buffini was at the convention center in Philadelphia  It reminded me to send my personal notes  I must stop at the post office and get stamps  Most of all It allowed me to Meet-Up with Praful Thakkur  I will always hold him dear to my heart and hope to meet him again    If you get a call or an email from him and he says he is coming to your town or city  do not miss the opportunity to meet with him  You will be so glad you did he is truly one of the beautiful people


IndeBlue Brian Buffini &Praful Thakkar in Center City Philadelphia Pa

What more can you want  expect in Philly ? The Pope perhaps ?




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IndeBlue Brian Buffini &Praful Thakkar in Center City…
IndeBlue Brian Buffini &Praful Thakkar in Center City Philadelphia Pa What a wonderful evening it was going to be Brian Buffini was at the Convention Center in Center City Praful Thakkar my ActiveRain friend from Massachusetts was here in… more