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Buyer Calling Me a Liar My Feelings on Fire


 I am so lucky with my clients . They are very loyal and trusting . I guess that is why when I get a client who is not I take it to heart . I showed a property to couple from out of town . They loved it and wanted to purchase the property . It was to good to be true .They had a long drive home and wanted to write me a check to hold the property . I explained that was not how it worked in Pennsylvania  . Everything has to be in writing 

They would have to make a written offer . He took out a check book and asked who he should make the check out to . I said no writing a check will not hold the property for you if you want it you need to come back to my office and I can prepare an agreement of sale. They told me they did not have the time they had been out all day and needed to get back home . They also told me they needed to sell their house first . I put them in touch with a local mortgage banker who took their information . They called their Real Estate agent to list their house .


The clients called  me from the car and told me they were stuck in traffic but that they were  listing their house the next day . We made plans to meet on the weekend . I told them to bring a check for $1000 to submit the offer and that I had spoke with the listing agent and that they were open to the offer .The offer would of course have a contingency addendum that their would  house sell . I had talked to their agent he felt confident  he could sell the house  rather quickly 


The mortgage banker said they needed to sell in order to buy .  When I was preparing the agreement for them I called  to explain I could send it DocuSign and save them from driving six and half hours . He started to bellow at me .What is DocuSign!  So I explained . I also said I could walk him through everything on the phone . He became very  suspicious.  Then when I asked how much money I should put in for the additional deposit he really started to become upset . Calling me a liar .


He said I told him he had the house all he had to do was write a check for $1000 . What ever I said after that was useless because he was not listening . He was talking over me . Hearing only what he wanted to hear . I realized it was useless to continue this conversation on the phone .


I said come to the office as planned and we will go over everything in person and I can explain the process to you . He said fine I will see you tomorrow as planned . An hour later he called and said he changed his mind and did not want the house .


What he did was call the listing agent who thankfully worked in my office . After hearing his story realized who he was and asked him if he saw the house with Hannah . He said yes but I had lied to him . I told him he could have the house for $1000 dollars .Then I told him he needed an additional deposit .She explained it was customary. and it really was the sellers decision .  That I had not lied to him . He said he would talk to his wife and call back .


This man had everyone upset . End result was the seller  would no way take their house off the market with the terms he wanted  to offer. He never called me back or the listing agent not yet anyway .


My clients are trusting and know I will take good care of them . When buyers treat me with disrespect it may be better that they find a different agent to work with . I will do everything I can do make their transaction run smoothly . I have a fiduciary relationship to them .  I am there for them during the transaction and after . My clients come back to me even after thirty five years . I was so upset but it is better this happened now as  there is a process that needs to be followed when you buy and sell a house .


This process needs to be followed we as agents are here to assist you either as a buyers agent or a sellers agent  We do not make the rules  nor can we change them because you are a nice person.  Mortgage companies require certain documents that you  must supply in order to obtain your mortgage . Title companies may require certain documents to remove liens from your title report .  This is all part of the process 

Buyer Calling Me a Liar My Feelings on Fire

Moral of this story there is more to buying and selling a house then just writing a check

It is  a long process and also a must to Trust your Real Estate Agent  We Work Hard

Hannah Williams

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