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My Network is Simple Follow Me

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My Network is Simple Follow Me   

My friend Praful Thakkar  asked us to write a post about our Network . Mine is really simple to follow . I write a blog on Active Rain . I am sad that more Real Estate companies do not encourage their agents to write about Real Estate It has been a blessing for me I started my blog when the Real Estate market crashed in 2008 . I was very lucky to meet a young man named  Ryan Hartman  He introduced me to blogging and RE-Bar Camps where I met wonderful people from all over the country . This started my National Networking . It also sparked my journey with Active Rain .


New York was the next trip and the Inman conference and Rain Camp where I actually met all the young dudes . Jonathan Washbourn introduced himself to me .In case you do not know he was the founder of Active Rain . I also met  Ben Kinney who along with Bob Stewart   and Brad Andersohn  they gave the most wonderful presentation on  how to do local posts . All I can say is wow I was hooked . I can tell you they were oh so right . They taught you the long short tail of it all . I consider my self one lucky lady to have learned from these young dudes . The secrets they taught . I absorbed it just like a sponge


My other simple path to follow are past clients . Mine is a long path and I have tripped and fallen down this long road. Yes I have made many mistakes . Yes I have seen the great ones speak . Keep in touch .Send cards but thirty three some years and I will be honest . I did lose touch with some  . Shame on me . My clients do come back I have lost many but have many   Don't make my mistakes . Stay in touch . I have made millions .I have also lost millions .. If you are loyal and righteous to your clients keep in touch most will come back - You can not make everyone happy .Know when to walk away . Trust is a must !


Blog talk about your local area - 

The buyers and sellers will come to You !

Success is a simple road to follow

My Network is Simple Follow Me



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Pictures are by Hannah Williams not to be duplicated without permission is a Real Estate website please visit it if you are interested in information about homes or any information about the Philadelphia or Bucks County Pennsylvania area or call me direct 215-215 953 8818 or by cell 820-3376 i will be glad to assist you.Unless otherwise noted, the content, both written and in pictures,are the property of Hannah Williams. If you wish to use something you see here,( please ask for permission) Most likely I will oblige, with a link back to my original content as well as an acknowledgment. Thank you to all my friends,neighbors and clients who allowed my to use their photos and videos maybe you will get to Hollywood Ca




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My Network is Simple Follow Me
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